Tales of a Novice Gym User-Update

I know it’s been a while since I mentioned my shedding journey. It’s going pretty well and I’m becoming more comfortable in the gym. I moved last month so I had to trade the free gym in my apartment complex for Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is perfect for someone like me; not to mention its reasonable price. I haven’t fallen off of a treadmill or a bench yet so I was feeling pretty cocky. That is until I met with a personal trainer last week to map out a four week plan. Let me say it is not a game folks and this trainer is not showing any mercy. I start the program this week which involves cardio and strength training on all of the areas of the body. I’ve done some strength training but nothing like what I’m about to experience. My muscles are already screaming but I’m going to keep pressing. I know the end results are going to be worth all of the pain. So if you see me limping just open the door for me.

3 thoughts on “Tales of a Novice Gym User-Update”

  1. You have the correct attitude for your journey. Great choice for a gym. I paid to attend the Kroc center here. Attended session (in pool) three times a week and added another day. I can attend the Y free. The gym area of the Y is nice. They have new equipment. I have attended the pool stretching class only once. When it comes to a pool, I very visual, esthetics says a lot. On the upside, I tried to get on the abductor machine….well this required a lot maneuvering of my body  I joined the wellness health program to loose some weight before trying to get onto the equipment. Finally, I got a trainer’s attention. I think that I need help. He said, ‘O.’ I stated that my legs are short. My brain processes gave the command lift one leg. That one leg had a delay in moving. Then, I had to help lift it up. At last, both legs are working together. I am so glad that God gave me two legs. Thank you God. Continue to Chantel the “ump’ to continue. She is hilarious.

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