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Builder or Destroyer

I have one question for you. Are you a builder or a destroyer?

Every day each one of us has the power to build somebody up or to destroy them. Our tongues and actions are so powerful. I would venture to say however that our tongues are more powerful than anything. I spent a large portion of my life being silent. I never felt that my opinion mattered and would generally go along with the flow. In the last few years I have been freed from that feeling. The freedom of my tongue also comes with immense responsibility. Being cognizant of my words is something that I do struggle with sometimes. I can be very direct and in certain situations that comes across as condescending or insensitive. While that is not my intent, someone else may receive it as such. We all have some challenges when it comes to our tongues. Often times it is not what you say, but how you say it and whom you are addressing.  In one of my closest relationships,  I recognize that she is more sensitive than I, so in turn I am cautious in the way that I speak to her and my tone. I would like to support and build her up not destroy her spirit. The way that I speak to her is the way I should speak to each person I come in contact with. This is a continuous process but it is so imperative for us to observe the big picture. We live in a society where it is acceptable to destroy and break people to obtain what we desire. What we do not realize is that the person who needs an encouraging word may be one step from destruction. Their survival may depend on the next words they hear. You could be a stepping stone for them or a stumbling block from which they may never recover. Let’s all be extra mindful of how we utilize our tongues.

Will you be a builder or a destroyer?