People Watching

I’ll confess something, I’m a bit nosey. I don’t mean messy (most of the time) but nosey. Or better yet I shouldn’t call myself nosey but merely an observer of people. I love watching people and the things they do. I’ve learned so much about what I want and don’t want just by watching others and their lives. As a single woman with no children, I especially enjoy watching married people and people with children. Getting married and having kids are two things that measure your success in our society. So I guess by society’s standards I would be a failure. And I’ll admit the lack of both at times does bother me. But at this point I have to wonder do they bother me because I really want to be married and have kids or is it because that is what is expected. All of my close cousins my age are married and have kids but they married young and have been together at least 10yrs now. 10 years ago I was nowhere near ready for marriage and would have probably been divorced today. As for kids as much as I love them I’m not sure that I would be a good mother.  I enjoy going and doing without considering attachments. People watching allows me to get a glimpse at both without actually take part in the circumstances.  The observations are so enlightening and sometimes sad to watch but they give me a lot to think about. I have a bucket list that is miles long so for now I think I’ll just focus on it and continue watching.

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