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The Big Picture

When I fly I always select the window seat. I love watching the ascend and descend as well as observing the view from 30,000 miles in the sky. I’ve been traveling by plane quite a bit over the last few months for work and personal related items and each time I fly, I am in awe of the view. The ability to see the landscape details and also appreciate the expansiveness of the clouds allows me to see the big picture. In life we often spend so much of our time on the minute details of our daily lives. What we often fail to do is look at the big picture. Both are important but I would argue that we should spend more time exploring the big picture. The big picture allows us to see what could be, not just what is. Focusing mainly on the details limits our thinking and can ultimately impact how we show up in this world. Many play it small because they focus on the details and not the big picture. I’ve been spending more and more time lately viewing things through the lens of the big picture. Yes, the details of my day to day are important and but the guiding light is slowly becoming the big picture. The bigger lens forces me to evaluate whether my detailed focus is aligned with where I want to go. Are the details getting me closer to or putting me further from my vision. I challenge each one of us to step back and look at the big picture first and then look at your details. Take some time and ask yourself these questions.

What is my big picture?

Do the details I choose to focus on feed my big picture?

Where am I utilizing my energy?

Does my cadence of focus and energy fuel my big picture?

What can I do to focus more on the big picture?

We have a finite amount of energy and resources to complete our big picture so let’s make sure that the details propel us towards the ultimate vision. A treadmill allows you to run in place, expending energy but never going anywhere. Think of that as the details. A open path allows you to run and reach a destination. Both are means of exercise but imagine how big your picture becomes when you choose the open path.  

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