Make It A Great Day

If you call my work phone and get my voicemail you’ll always hear the end greeting, “Make it a great day”. It has been the signature on my voicemail at every company I’ve worked for. I know most people say “have a great day” but I prefer “make it a great day”. Have a great day implies someone else is in control of how you perform and your happiness that day. Make it a great day confirms that you are responsible for performing and achieving happiness. Please understand when I make this statement I’m not referring to God who ultimately controls all. I’m talking about us not taking responsibility for our daily lives. We spend so much wasted time blaming others  and making excuses that we forget we are in charge of this day. If your day is not going the way you expected then think about changing it for the better. If you are late to work, maybe plan to take a shower at night instead of in the morning. If you don’t like your job, start looking at alternatives and devise a plan, if your bills stress you out, evaluate your spending habits.  The key is to do something. Doing brings about change. Change is what we’re after right? Doing something to bring about change which will make your day greater. We’re all capable of having greater days if we’ll just put down the blame blanket and put on the superhero cape. Save yourselves from having a great day and instead MAKE a better one.