Love them

Aside from Jesus dying on the cross, unconditional love only happens between a parent and their child.  I’m sure on the television you’ve seen the stories of abandoned children and you wonder what kind of monsters could treat children this way. Fortunately the stories we see only represent a small fraction of parents. Most parents treasure their children more than themselves. It’s a beautiful thing to sit and watch children with their parents. The care and concern given even when parents are not pleased with their children’s decisions is heartwarming. Speaking as someone on the outside looking in, love your babies. Speak to them from your heart and be honest. Give them time not things. Always be open so that they feel supported in their greatest triumphs and lowest moments. 90% of what you do, say, and how you make them feel affects the person they’ll become. As cliche’ as it might seem, they really are the future. Let’s equip them with the proper tools.

2 thoughts on “Love them”

  1. Proper tools include emotional, mental, failing, making decisions, building confidence, etc. Starting at a very young age teach and help your child or children to become self managers. They are watching you, they are watching you, they hear you talk to other folk!!!

    1. Agreed. Setting the right example is important but so is showing them your humanity. So many people in this world would love to have the opportunity to experience this type of love and cannot. I pray that those who have been blessed with these precious lives will cherish every moment.

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