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My new oasis… in progress

I first have to say that I’m awe of nature and how God works. I told you my word for the year is patience and he is showing me more and more how my lack of patience hinders my progress. Being a novice at all things outdoors related, my patience is truly being tested. Until March of this year, I’ve always lived in apartments so the idea of a yard and a shed(who knew I’d need so much storage) is a totally new concept for me. Oh, did I mention the fire pit that came with the house, I think I’m in love. It’s an older townhouse with some updates but plenty of room for me to put my personal style in the years to come. I’m finally settled in and I’m happy to say that only one bin remains unpacked and it’s in my office so no one can see it but me. I have a list of projects a mile long that I want to do but I’m being patient and trying not to be in a hurry. I even bought a Homeownership for Dummies book. I’m a sucker for how to/self-help books. I’ve made my list of must, should, and could projects. They will keep me busy for the next thirty years or so.

The project I’ve been focusing on right is the backyard. It’s a beast and will keep me busy for the rest of the summer. The previous owners were transferred out of town so I don’t think they used the yard last summer at all. I’m pretty sure they had a dog too based upon the bare spots in the grass. When I first moved in it was still cold here. We had a very brutal winter so it was hard to see what I was working with. It pretty much needs a complete overhaul. The great thing about it needing so much work is I get to learn how to do these things on my own. Yes it’s great to have help but what if the helpers aren’t available? I might as well learn now how to take of my yard. This brings me to lesson in patience number one: abandon the idea of saving the existing grass. I really tried to just repair the bare spots, but it’s a lost cause. The yard was overgrown with weeds(I really hate clovers now) and I was able to scare them off initially. There were also abandoned flower beds who were screaming to be put out of their misery. I’m currently honoring their requests. Needless to say I have my work cut out for me. I was feeling guilty for skipping gym days but not any longer. The grass came in very well in some spots but not in others, not to mention I have no idea what type of grass was already here, but what I seeded blends pretty well. Now the weed mafia is out of control and they must be stopped. I assumed they were a one shot deal and once I killed them they wouldn’t come back. Apparently that isn’t true, so I’m back on the prowl. I’m sure I’ll get this thing figured out eventually. For now, I’ll continue pulling up the mismatched brick borders and bagging old mulch. Even still I already feel at home in my new oasis. Nothing like sitting on your patio while pecking away on your laptop. I’m exercising patience and taking things day by day, but I’m starting to think new sod might not be a bad idea. Sometimes you have to call it a loss and start over. Actually that’s my life story, I’m starting over and loving every minute of it. The journey continues…..

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  1. No need to worry about the gym when your gardening. Need a pic when the garden starts.

  2. Do not plant any grass until early September. I will send you the name of a low maintenance grass. It is okay to pull weeds. Great progress in your home.

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