My House is a Mess and I’m Okay

I like everything in my life to be in order at all times. I keep syncing calendar lists on my phone and kindle to make sure nothing is missed. My workspace has to be in order with minimal items on my desk. My personal and work emails have to be organized everyday into corresponding sub folders. If I have to scroll down in my inbox it makes me nervous. Everything has a purpose and everything belongs in a specific place. Right now my house is a disorganized mess and I’m alright. There are shoes on the floor by the door and the dishwasher is full. There are unfolded clean clothes in a basket and dirty ones on the floor, waiting to be washed. The most unnerving part should be that I have company coming in three hours. Usually I would be panicked trying to make sure everything was arranged when they arrived but I’m not. I’m learning to accept that everything isn’t going to be perfect all of the time. I’m not so why should everything else be. Why stress myself out making everything Martha Stewart perfect and then be too tired to enjoy my guest. That’s crazy and I’m over it. My house isn’t spotless and my emails haven’t been checked. The dishwasher will have to wait until tomorrow to be unloaded. I’m at peace; heading to the airport with my windows down and iPod blasting