Taking the blinders off

I’m in the midst of some major life changes. I’ll admit that turning thirty-five was something I dreaded. It reminds me that I’m halfway through my thirties and quickly approaching forty. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful to be still standing but I do have a certain anxiety about where I am in this life. I don’t have the job I thought I would have. I don’t have the house I thought I would have. I don’t have the family that I thought I would have. I don’t have the money I thought I would have. I could go on and on about what I don’t have but I’m learning to focus on what I do have. I’m learning to take responsibility for the actions and decisions that have led me to this point. And to be honest, I’m loving my life right now. I’ve taken the blinders off and I’m on an amazing journey of self discovery. The past 18 months have been an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual awakening. I would have to say acknowledging and addressing weaknesses in your own character has to be the hardest thing you will ever do but the reward is going to be bittersweet. I challenge everyone to take time and evaluate yourself and your actions. If there are things about your life that you are unhappy with look at the decisions that brought about those circumstances. Do you see a cycle? Do you see a weakness? Do you see something that needs to be addressed? We spend a lot of time blaming others when we are the culprits. In the words of Iyanla Vanzant, ” Go to the mirror and smack the first person who shows up” .