Shedding, The Cleanse

Fighting for my Life

I’ve always struggled with my weight. I was a fairly skinny kid until I was 12 but that is a story for another day. Since that time I’ve discovered that I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy, sad, bored, so basically all the time. In my family we don’t have a lot of money so food is considered love. When I go home my mother or aunts make my favorite dishes. This translates love. Another thing we were always told growing up is you don’t waste food. “You better clean your plate” is what I always heard. As a result I clean my plate whether l’m hungry or not. I eat three meals a day whether I’m hungry or not.  Not to mention when I’m feeling depressed(not ashamed to admit I suffer from depression) I eat all of my favorite foods. I say all of this to say I don’t have healthy eating habits and they have taken their toll on my body. I’ve been in a seesaw between healthy and destructive habits for a long time and it’s time that one of them won. I’ve gained close to 100 pounds since I moved to this area 12 years ago and it has got to go. On top of the weight gain I suffer from several food allergies and they have become increasingly worse as I get older. We as people always talk about the changes we want to make but then we procrastinate. Well I’ve procrastinated enough and it’s time for some serious changes. I don’t mean diets. Diets are a setup for failure, I mean how many days can you eat cabbage soup before you want to shoot yourself. I’m talking about life changes. Subtle changes that can be maintained over time. To jump start this I found a metabolism boosting detox water. It was easy to make and I’m currently drinking my first glass. Planning to stay close to home today because I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I’ll keep you posted. I’ll post the link to the recipe just in case you get the urge. Cheers!!