Choosing You

Have you ever felt guilty about being selfish? For years I put other people’s needs before my own. I held my tongue and compromised on so many things. My one desire was I wanted peace at any cost.  Unfortunately the cost was too high because my internal turmoil was unbearable and still no peace. I appeared fun loving and amicable but inside I was angry and discontent. I was so angry with myself and the person I had become so I decided to choose me. Choosing you is the best decision you could ever do for yourself. Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to remove toxic people from your life. It’s okay to speak up when someone hurts you, It’s okay to want to be better than you were yesterday. You don’t owe anyone an apology for striving to be the best you. Be a little selfish this week and do one thing that makes you happy even if you have to do it alone… you deserve it