Cause and Effect

Sitting here watching Oprah interview Lindsey Lohan and I truly feel for her. She looks so uncomfortable and embarrassed to even be having this conversation. One thing that has struck me is her mentioning her childhood. I always say that everyone has a story. There is a reason that people are the way they are both positive and negative. Although we hate to admit it, our childhood has a lot to do with the decisions we make as adults. Simple cause and effect. This is not to say that if you grew up in dysfunction you’re destined to become a train wreck or if you grew up in a family resembling the Stepford Wives that your life will be a utopia. But our experiences shape our views on the world and how we allow ourselves to be treated. The great news: WE’RE NOT DEFINED BY OUR PAST. I’ll admit this is something that I’m having a hard time settling in my mind.  I’ve made bad decisions, some that are too horrible to speak but they don’t define me. The fact that I grew up in a single parent home does not define me either.  We all have been given this wonderful gift called choice. We can choose at any moment to love more, strive more, and be more.  One thing is for sure not making a choice is still making a choice.  My absolute favorite poem  is “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. I’m choosing the road not taken and it is making the difference. Be careful with your choice…

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