Smoothie Love

I’m in love with smoothies. It just happened one day. I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegetables and fruits in my diet but it seemed like I was falling off the wagon everyday. And then I discovered smoothies. Now I know they are not a new thing but for me this is a brave new world. You’re never quite sure the first time you make one if the combination you just created will taste as good as you imagined. After a few tips from an old friend who’s a personal trainer I set out on a smoothie journey. I’m allergic to a few fruits that would probably make a great smoothie so I mostly stick to citrus fruits, apples, skinless peaches and my new love kiwi. Vegetables provide me with more options since I love pretty much every veggie but brussel sprouts(even my mother couldn’t make me eat them). I generally don’t eat raw veggies because my throat starts to itch and coughing commences. (Side note: if you’re allergic to pollens you may have the same issue. Apparently some raw veggies have the same pollens as trees on their outer core. Cooking the veggie alters its composition thereby eliminating the pollen.) I’ve discovered however that blending the raw veggie has the same affect as cooking it for me. Of course your ingredients will very dependent upon what you chose to blend not to mention what’s in season. I’ve been blending peaches but since their season is over, I found kiwi to substitute.

Here is one of my new favorite smoothies. Try it out and let me know what you think.

3 pineapple spears

1 kiwi(skin is optional)

1 cup of spinach

1/2 cup of broccoli(just the crown)

A handful of fresh mint

1/4 cup of plain greek nonfat yogurt

A dash of soy milk(add more depending on desired thickness)

Blend all the ingredients and enjoy!