Finding Purpose

After 5 1/2 years, two breaks, and a near nervous breakdown I have finally finished grad school. Honestly many days I wanted to give up. I literally had to take off last year because I could not cope with anything aside from work and only because it is my source of income. Now that it’s over I’m feeling lost. So much of my time has been consumed with school and I’m not sure what’s next. I’m an anxious person so I worry about everything constantly, hence insomnia. Ambien has helped me tremendously and I am feeling more like a human everyday. Amazing how a good night’s sleep changes you from a tall two year old to a functioning adult.

I still worry, worry about the next step. I worry about my future and what it holds. I want to know my purpose for being here. I certainly want to leave an impact on the world even if the impact affects only one person. I am slowly learning to leave all my concerns about the future to the one who placed me here, God. Even if you don’t believe in God I imagine you still want to be purposeful. I’m not talking about just being a father or a mother or a parent. Something outside of those responsibilities which represents you and not a societal role. I challenge you all to seek your purpose. Some of you may already know what it is. If not search your heart as well as expand your thinking. We all have gifts in us but they do take time to develop. I wish you well on your journey to finding your purpose and using its infinite power.

2 thoughts on “Finding Purpose”

  1. Yes, finding purpose is a major hurdle we all struggle through daily. We must keep ourselves pressed to reality and stay firm to Gods word. Taking the time to look ourselves in the mirror and getting to know the person inside along with stripping away the facade is a tremendous task to applaud yourself over. While worry and next steps are a part of life, eventually they hopefully will cave to peaceful rest.

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