Tales of a Novice Gym User

A part of this journey to healthy living involves physical activity. This is especially important to me for two reason, it helps with depression and I telework. I love teleworking especially on a cold rainy day like today. The downside is I sit at a desk at home all day versus walking around my office. Now I will be honest and say working out is not my favorite thing to do but I know that it is necessary. I can already tell a difference when I skip a day. The fact that I’m not very coordinated does not deter me from going to the gym . I even have a workout playlist that I fake dance to in my head while I am working out.  I am fortunate to have a gym in my complex that is free. I usually go in the late afternoon so I have the place to myself. Thank goodness for that. I read the instructions on each machine but the struggle is so real. I cannot get the stair climber to work, I fell off the treadmill in slow motion(yes like the YouTube video), and the elliptical machine hates me. The elliptical and I have a love hate relationship. I love it because it is easy on the knees and you can burn a lot of calories but it is a beast. The glute kicker mode got me yesterday. It gives you random commands to do a minute at a time and then resting for a minute. I was doing fine until it told me to go in reverse motion. I thought I would die after only 30 seconds. The pain, my legs on fire, but I made it the entire minute, This may not seem like much but I was very proud of myself. If I am not careful I may become a gym nut one day. In the meantime I will laugh at myself and try to avoiding sliding off the treadmill again.

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