Mourning My Blender

I haven’t shared my journey to healthy living in a while. It’s actually going pretty well and I’ve settled into a routine. I love my smoothies and have one pretty much every day. I am at the point where I crave them and water all the time. I don’t even go down the soda aisle anymore I honestly don’t miss sodas and juices. I’ve found new and creative ways to add vegetables and fruit to my diet. My only issue is my blender. I bought the blender from a coworker who was relocating for $5 about 4 years ago. Prior to now the only thing I used the blender for was making daiquiris. So bless the blender’s heart but I’m pretty sure a nervous breakdown is coming soon. I’ve worked the $5 blender to death and I pray every morning that it works when I plug it in. I was convinced this morning was going to be the end, I think it actually cursed at me. I know the end is coming so I’ve been blender shopping. The problem is I’m a researcher so I have to poll people, then look up reviews, and then compare prices before buying anything. Whew!!! I know, it’s exhausting. After much research my friend and I decided on a Ninja. I’m excited about my decision and can’t wait to try it out. Although I work from home, I don’t have 30 minutes to make my breakfast every morning. Team Ninja!