21 things you may not know about me

1. I don’t like the color pink.
2. I don’t like popcorn or pretzels.
3. I love country music and just bought some cowboy boots.
4. I’m a life long UNC Tarheels basketball fan.
5. I can’t use chopsticks.
6. I’ve always been self conscious about my looks.
7. I hated by hair growing up, but love it now.
8. I wore bottle cap glasses until I was 16, kids can be so cruel.
9. I was raised as an only child but I actually have two half-brothers that I don’t know.
10. I moved to DC on a whim twelve years ago. Still not sure if it was the best decision.
11. My favorite type of food is Italian.
12. My favorite food is my mom’s meatloaf.
13. I hate working out but I know it’s necessary.
14. I talk to and answer myself all the time.
15. I have anxiety so I make lists to keep me calm. And then lists about the lists.
16. I have a hard time when people leave, so I like to leave first.
17. I want to run with the bulls in Pamplona one day.
18. I love working with kids.
19. I take a lot from people until I either blow up or cut them off.
20. I was very nervous about starting this blog.
21. I’m a perfectionist which constantly stresses me out.

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