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My/Your Person

If you’ve ever watched Grey’s Anatomy then you’ve heard the term my/your person. I love the phrase because it holds so much meaning. Your person is the one you share your hopes, dreams, and fears. Your person is there through the good and bad days. When you get great news who is the first person you call or when you need advice on handling a dilemma, probably your person. Many think this person is your soul mate, but it is important to note your person may or may not be your significant other.  I hope that everyone has one. If you don’t, fear not they can show up at any time. Matter of fact you may already be someone’s person under construction.  I love my person to the infinity and beyond( love Toy Story). And she is not a spouse, just someone I met years ago but since then she has become my franchise player.  She supports me through tough times and unexpected blessings. She never sugar coats the truth. That’s what your person does, gives you a daily dose of reality. You may not like what they say or the way do things but you respect their efforts, And yes you will have disagreements but both of you will make an effort to work it out. If you’re fortunate to meet your person, the one who wants more for you than you want for yourself at times, they’re a keeper. You don’t  get an unlimited supply. In fact you may only get one. Appreciate them, love them and support them and be the best person you can be for them. It’s a reciprocal relationship with no judgments. Can’t you see 30 years from now rocking on the porch, flipping through albums and journals of adventure saying let’s do it again.

Have a blessed week and Make it a GREAT day. 

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