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Cookout Ettiquette 2014

It’s officially summer. At the suggestion of a friend, here are my rules for a successful cookout season. Just a side note for you non-Southerners, barbeque(cue) is something you eat not something you do. You grill or cookout, but you never barbeque(cue).

1. The cookout should start no later than 1 hour after the agreed upon time.

2. If you are bringing a main dish like, meat then you need to be there 1 hour before agreed upon time.

3. Know your cookout specialty dish. This is no time for experimenting. Stay in your lane.

4.  If your dish is dessert at least go to a good bakery or you will take your store bought mess home intact. (Thanks Bonita)

5. If you drink bring your own beverage. This is not the ABC store

6. If you’re an angry or otherwise socially unacceptable drinker, please refrain from drinking or stay home.

7. A bag of ice and a six pack of soda is not an approved contribution for your family of six. Do better please.

8. Bring your card game but leave the pistols at home. We don’t have time for foolishness.

9. This is a cookout. That means no strange folks in the house. Stay outside please.

10. If you have special dietary needs i.e. vegetarian, vegan then you should bring what you can eat.

11. Only one to go plate per person. And no meat only plates.

12. Know when to leave.

Feel free to add to the list. Have a great summer!