It’s a chilly yet sunny day here. The leaves are changing and we are definitely entering fall. Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the crisp yet warm days. It’s a reminder that hibernation time is around the corner. I was out in my yard last week and found some surprising things. Even as the temperatures drop, I still have new tomato and green pepper blooms sprouting. Being a novice gardener, I always assumed that once summer was officially over the plants would die. Apparently that is not the case. In fact the original tomato plant that wasn’t planted correctly has produced more than the other tomato plant. It occurred to me that I had recently added plant food to the water. All the plants needed were to be refueled to give them strength to thrive. People are the same way. We all get run down by life’s trials and often don’t know what’s wrong. Just like those plants we need to be refueled when our energy gets low. As a natural introvert, my energy levels run low when I have to be social. I love people but after a while my leaves start to droop. When I’m feeling low my favorite things to do are listen to music, read, or binge watch on Netflix. They give me the fuel to move forward. What refuels you?