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She Said Yes

I did it. I approached her and quickly said we should get together some time and she responded “We should”. I walked away with mixed emotions about her response. Was she being sincere or was she just being polite to me? See, this is what anxiety will do to you if you allow it to take control of your mind. Here I was walking back to my desk two seconds later already thinking the worst about our interaction. Imagine my surprise when she popped up on my IM, asked what time I got off, and gave me her availability.  I was terrified and excited at the same time. I gave her my personal number and before I could chicken out I decided that we should go to dinner that evening.

We met at a restaurant near our homes. Oh, yes I said “our” homes. She lives near me which is another plus.  We had a great time at dinner. The conversation was comfortable between us with no hesitations or awkwardness. We actually have several things in common and I can see us enjoying more nights out in the future. When I saw her the next day at work it was business as usual, but now we have a few private jokes between us.

I said yes to becoming more open and she said yes to my openness. Shonda might be on to something…..