Blender Update

I previously wrote about my blender divorce and then my marriage to the NutriBullet a few years ago. Well the NutriBullet and I are still going strong. I read many reviews about it and many consumers complain about their longevity and quality. I’m not sure what model they have, but I love mine. I make smoothies almost every day and I have not had any issues. Yes, you do need to make sure you thoroughly clean under the rubber ring, but I would hope anyone knows to do that.  A lot of people make purely fruit smoothies, however, I’m a fan of green smoothies. I can’t eat a lot of raw veggies because of my allergies, but when blended I don’t have any reactions. I make a smoothie the night beforehand and put it in a spill-proof bottle. In the morning, I grab it and make my way to the gym. It’s my after gym, stuck in morning traffic beverage and then I grab some protein when I get to work. I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth out of this $99 mini appliance and I am so glad I returned the Ninja. If you’re looking for a basic compact blender, try the NutriBullet and you will not be disappointed.

1 thought on “Blender Update”

  1. I agree. I wish I could return my Ninja and just get another Nutra bullet. My old one lasted two years and made great green smoothies.

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