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Simply Blessed

As I continue this last year in my thirties, I can truly say I’m in such a peaceful place. Having lost a dear friend last year at the age of 41, my desire for life, specifically a life well lived, is of the utmost importance. I want to leave this world, having made a positive impact on those around me. My desire is to help children. They are such free, trusting, and yet fragile individuals. I know the trauma of having your spirit broken and being judged by events which were beyond your control. I’m a survivor; no longer a victim of my circumstances. I will continue to run my race with a greater sense of who I am and what I deserve. Even more important, I want to uplift the people I meet along this journey.

One thing that is crystal clear to me is the numerous blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I have life, first and foremost, something Sarah no longer has. I have my health, which is a daily struggle for my cousin Jessica. As she sits in a wheelchair no longer able to use her legs, I complain about having to walk so far to a meeting at work. I have a family who loves me, unlike many people who are lonely tonight. I have wonderful friends, both here in VA and back home in SC. These people uplift and inspire me daily. They support me when I enter the dark valley and help me walk back up the hill to safety. I could go on and on about my village, but I think you get the point. I have a job, well not just a job, I have a career in a field that challenges me daily.  And while I get up every morning and prepare for my work day, someone has had another sleepless night because they haven’t worked in a year. I have a car to drive, while someone is forced to catch public transportation or walk to their next destination.  Every evening I turn the key to enter my home. A home that I own, while someone spends their nights sleeping in a city park.

I’ve been immensely blessed and yet at times I lose sight of the One who provides and let worry take control. One of my favorite bible verses is Matthew 6:34 which speaks about embracing today and not being concerned with tomorrow. I have to constantly remind myself that today is to be embraced and my being present today prepares me for tomorrow.  My year of Intentional Yes is coming to close and it has been more than I ever could have imagined it would be.  The blessings I’ve received are a direct result of intentional saying yes, even when confronted with crippling fear. I’ve spoken about my struggles with anxiety and this year my coping skills have been put to the test, nonetheless, I’ve persevered. Giving into my fears, could have derailed my entire year, but I wouldn’t give up. My reward for overcoming my fears, more blessings. I was blessed with a new friend, who is amazing by the way, and we’ve had some great adventures. Saying yes to my health, has afforded me the blessing of being 32lbs lighter and buying new clothes. By saying yes to being more open, I have been given a unique opportunity to grow professionally and personally. These are just a few of the blessings I’ve received and I’ll share more of my blessings soon.

Intentionally living today, is allowing me to embrace tomorrow, so that I can be a blessing to others in the future. Saying that I’m blessed isn’t an arrogance……it’s a fact


What blessings have you received this year?

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