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2017 Reflections

Whew, what more can I say about 2017.  It was filled with so many lessons, blessings, trials, and challenges. I wanted to share with you a few things that I learned about myself and others in 2017.

  • Your growth will make others around you uncomfortable. My word for 2017 probably should have been uncomfortable instead of intentional because uncomfortable and I became best friends. What I didn’t realize was how my uncomfortable growth would affect others. I think unconsciously we as humans expect people to be unchanging unless we previously approved said changes. These expectations are unfair and unrealistic, but led me to other realizations as the year progressed.
  • Even your most solid relationships will experience growing pains….and it’s ok. Sometimes those growing pains call for moments of silence, physical breaks, or reevaluation of boundaries. Unfortunately sometimes the pains, especially when tears of joys aren’t produced, signal the end of that relationship.
  • Losing weight isn’t hard, staying motivated is. Don’t let anyone convince you that losing weight is hard, it really isn’t. For most people, cutting back on your food intake, increasing exercise, getting adequate sleep, and drinking more water is all that’s required to lose weight. We simply lack the motivation to continuously do the things I’ve mentioned. Busy schedules, family obligations, Happy Hours, exotic vacations, Netflix, and social media all aid in our lack of motivation. I’ve learned to seek motivation internally, but I also have an accountability partner which helps tremendously.
  • I feel a sense of responsibility for other people’s happiness and this behavior is bankrupting my soul. I’m a natural peacemaker. I want everyone to be happy and have a good time. My intentions are good, but I’m cheating myself out of my own adventures worrying about other’s well-being. I’m learning to be a little more selfish with my time, resources, and energy.  Bear with me, it’s a learning process and old habits are not so easily broken.
  • It’s good to add new people to your circle every now and again. Provided they are genuine and have good intentions, the newbies bring a fresh perspective which can help you in your growth.
  • My anxiety comes from a fear of being inadequate. This was a tough one, but I had to admit this is the source of so many things. I walk into a room of people I barely know and panic sets in. I was accepted into a leadership rotation that I expressed interest in and worry overtook me. I had another career opportunity arise and my mind began to race as soon as I submitted my resume. I have a disagreement with a friend and I worry that I friendship is over. Anxiety is so deceiving because it masks the root cause. Well, I found the root cause and now I have to develop a plan of action to push past my fears. The truth is that I’m not inadequate, in fact I am enough. I’m more than enough to face any challenge or opportunity set before me.

At the beginning of 2017, I decided that I wanted to be intentional in my thoughts, actions, and relationships, I believe that I have made great strides in doing just that. For me there have been challenges professionally and personally that have served me well. They’ve stretched me far beyond my comfort zone to the point of being sore, but not broken.  As I walk into my 40th year, 2018 will be an extension of 2017 but with more authenticity, more self-indulgence, more hustle, more adventures……more Chantel



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  1. I like it. Remember you are your number 1 priority. You can do nothing for others if you do not put you first. Keep on keeping on.

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