The Forgotten Holiday

Pumpkins, ghosts, and trick-or-treating have been a long held traditions for Halloween. People literally spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, costumes, and treats. There is no shortage of parties and festivals during this holiday. As soon as Halloween, is over stores immediately commence putting out candy and decorations for Christmas. Once again we spend hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars on Christmas. Always attempting to out do the previous years’ gifts; we get into debt buying things that we really don’t need. Sadly we’ve forgotten about the holiday in between, Thanksgiving. The definition of Thanksgiving per Webster’s Dictionary is “the act of giving thanks”. Giving thanks, something that our society has forgotten. Giving thanks, means being satisfied with what we have. Giving thanks, means being appreciative of friends and family. Giving thanks, means being grateful for life and health. We’ve forgotten this holiday which doesn’t require us to do anything but love others and ourselves. So I challenge everyone myself included to bring back Thanksgiving. We all definitely have something to be thankful for. Make a list of ten things you are thankful for and then continue to show your appreciation for those things long after we’ve carved the turkey.

My top ten things I’m most thankful for:
1. Being alive
2. God loving me in spite of my faults
3. A better relationship with my mother
4. My best friend who pulls my coat tail when I need it.
5. My family, both blood and heart related
6. My health
7. Co workers who became friends. Love my girls
8. A job I love and wonderful team mates who make it fun.
9. My self-discovery journey, always something new.
10. The dreams that will one day become reality

Feel free to share with me.