Vacation Reflections

Belated Merry Christmas. I’ve just returned from a week long vacation at home with my friends and family. I’ll go into detail about the trip later but I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve been reflecting on during my eight hour drive.

1. There are no major or minor sins. Society tends to place greater emphasis on some things more than others but not God.
2. Wisdom and maturity are not defined by age. Many adults are lacking in both areas.
3. Time and distance don’t matter when friendships are true. But you are responsible for maintaining your part of the friendship.
4. Other people’s lives always look better through the window. Only once you go inside do you see some of the same messes you have in your life. There are no perfect people.
5. There are always people in your corner even when you feel alone. Many times we are the ones who lack belief in our own abilities.