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Your Core

Everyone is entitled to have a rough day, well today is my day. Yes, I know the day hasn’t even started but I’m feeling pretty blue. The holidays tend to do that to me. They remind me of the distance between me and the people I most care about. I’m not saying that I don’t value the relationships I’ve developed since my arrival in the “Big City” but I miss my core. I envy people who have their family and friends in close proximity to them. I do have some family here but I’m only close to one of them. I also have a few friends here that have the potential to be lasting relationships. Still I miss the people I grew up with, the ones I share lots of memories with. I miss being able to just stop by someone’s house and chat a bit. I miss Sunday dinners after church with my loved ones. I miss movie marathons of Brown Sugar and the Best Man with my bestie. I miss not being able to see them when need I them most or be there physically in their time of need. I’ll be honest and admit that moving here was the best and worst decision I’ve ever made. It changed my life completely. I’ve had experiences and opportunities that I never would have had in South Carolina but I’ve also become disconnected from my core. My core, the people who supported me from the beginning and continue to do so from 500 miles away. The people I took for granted. I know you can’t go back in time but I often wonder what things would have been like if I had stayed. That kind of thinking can make you crazy so I’ve learned to live in my reality even when I’m not happy with what I see. The good news, I’m going home for a week and can’t wait. This is when I rejuvenate and am reminded in spite of what my mind sometimes thinks that I am loved. Being home gives me an opportunity to fill my love tank and take back the fuel to carry on. So I encourage you all to enjoy your core. Take care of your core. Appreciate them and don’t take them for granted. As some of my core learned this week, they will not always be here. Create lasting memories for them and for you. Hug them, call them, love on them for as long as you can.